About Us

Who we are

Kaspper is one of the seven companies of the Accesstage Group and its role in the group is to act as Software Factory on all fronts of development, not only as a supplier, but as a business partner to take your company to Digital Transformation .

With extensive experience in Web Systems, Client-Server and Mobile development and highly experienced team in the management of Oracle Database and SQL Server. Kaspper is a company that was born modern and always seeks to innovate in its offers and solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to our customers innovation in their processes through the adoption of solutions defined in our digital consulting, which evaluates the level of maturity to build their journey.

Our Vision

Always connected with new technologies, Kaspper understands the new digital wave in the market and is constantly keeping itself technologically updated with highly qualified and committed professionals, so the service provided to our clients is always with excellence.

Core Values

Kaspper has a strict ethics code which guarantees transparency to our clients and values its professionals.


Some of our clients we provided service to.